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Claim Your Domain - And Own Your Online Presence

Too often, education technologies are developed that position students as objects of education, a reflection no doubt of how traditional educational practices also view students. Education technologies do things to students, rather than foster student agency. If we are to challenge what "school" should look like, we must also challenge what "ed-tech" does as well. What sorts of technologies can and should we build to give students more control? What sorts of technologies can offer students the power to "own" their learning -- their data, their content, their digital profiles, and their domain?

This short book, Claim Your Domain, is part of a larger series, edited by Will Richardson and published by Solution Tree, called "Solutions for Modern Learning." Other titles in the series include The End of School as We Know It by Bruce Dixon, Freedom to Learn by Will Richardson, and Make School Meaningful -- And Fun by Roger Schank.

Order online. (Currently available in paperback only for $17.95.)

Here's the publisher's description:

Help protect student work -- and more importantly -- student identity. This powerful book puts learners at the forefront of education to ensure they control their schoolwork, content, and data. Dig deep into the digital revolution occurring in schools and classrooms, explore how to incorporate traditional instructional practices in the digital classroom, and understand the skills students need to be digitally literate.

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